Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oliver Mac

We are now a family of four! And couldn't be happier :) Oliver joined our family on May 29, 6 lbs 15 oz. We sure do love him!! Even his big brother seems to be tolerating him ;)He's been such a good baby so far, such a blessing! My parents just left on Saturday, so this week is my first official week of being home with both boys...alone! And here we are on day 3, and we are all surviving!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aaaaaand, He's ONE!

Well, we did it! We made it through the first year alive. And by WE, I literally mean all of us. I was convinced Lincoln was going to die every night. Not trying to be grim.  But because I loved him so much I thought it was just too good to be true. Turns out that though it was good, it certainly didn't have to mean it was going to go away.
Parenthood truly goes from good, to better, to best. It gets more fun every day! And it's only been a year...I still have eternity to build on, add that to more kids, and more years with all of them, and whoa, I don't think I could think of anything more fun ;)

So back to his birthday. It was a great day, he woke up happy, I sang Happy Birthday to him as I went to get him in the morning, we went on a run, played, read books, and went to Target. You know, all those fun birthday things you do. But Dave did happen to surprised us by meeting us at Target on his way home from work...that's always a fun surprise to run in to someone you love while your shopping and least expect it. I skipped Mutual that night so we could have a night together and we celebrating by going to Chick-fil-a  for dinner, I know, classy. We NEVER go out to eat in the middle of the week, so it really was quite the treat.  Link got to sip on our peach milk shake and eat nuggets and waffle fries. By the time we came home we had missed his prime and he was pretty tired, but we presented him his lightening McQueen car, which he was more interested on getting off of than on. Then stripped him down to eat his cake.  I tried setting him on the middle of our table which presented a problem when he wanted nothing more than to be held. We sang to him, lit a candle, and plopped him down just in time for a picture. He didn't want to touch his cake, much less eat it, He didn't even want me putting it in his mouth to show him he would like it. He just wanted his bath and bed. Well, since it was his birthday, we did just that. A little anti-climatic for a first time mom and her baby's first birthday. But I knew he would get another shot at it Saturday. And it was still a great day with my not-so-little-baby-anymore boy.

Saturday we had our families up to a Park near us for a little party. It was an overcast day and actually quite cool, especially for being Texas in September. I was hoping for sunshine and heat ;) I made some pulled pork for sandwiches, and cupcakes and fruit pizza. Never having had a birthday party  of my own for as long as I have lived has kind of handicapped me in party planning. That and pinterest made me feel really boring. But we had food, family, and fun which is about all I could ask for. The park was perfect for the 13 kids we had there. However, I think 12 months old is bad timing for a child to turn one. At least this child. He just barely started getting his teeth and it has made him a little temperamental. I think he would've been a lot more content say, a month or so ago.  Again he didn't want his cake, both times we tried. (The first time we sang to him my phone didn't 't record, so they all humored me and sang again) The singing he loved. But the wanting to eat his cupcake, he didn't. He liked his presents that everyone so generously gave him, and he liked all of his cousins joining in on the feeding frenzy of opening them. He liked his Birthday balloon. He liked his balls, and trucks and books that he got. What he didn't like was when The U beat BYU :(
But I'd say it was a pretty good way to celebrate the day of his birth :)

Since He hardly touched his cake from his birthday, I tried letting him devour it again that Sunday, in his high chair. It didn't help, three strikes we're out. He just didn't care for it. But at least he humored us enough to touch it and pretend ;) 

The only thing I wish we had, was my brother Dave here (and of course the rest of our long distant family here!) to take some cute pictures of him turning 1 . I was going to say of him in a cute hat and tie eating his cake somewhere with a great background, but since I now know how fond he is of that whole idea, maybe it's just as well I only have the camera on my phone to capture his target made bakery cupcake. Like I said, very anti-climatic. Well, my first birthday was spent in the car somewhere between Missouri and Utah with a cupcake and punch balloon, and I still turned out OK ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Orange Beach

My Life. My loves :)
I have so much more to write, and so many more pictures to post, but until then....A little glimpse of our wonderful family vacation last month. It was a great week....I wish I could have froze? freeze? um.... frozen? time. (I guess that's why I don't write more, I can't even think of the right word ;) And we were so glad Dave was there to take such good pictures throughout the week....among many other reasons of course! We certainly missed Link's Utah cousins though.  Lincoln is getting so big! And LOVES to walk holding our hands, well, holding anyone's hand. And it was so nice to have so many little and willing hands to help...his cousins are so good with him :)  It probably encouraged the walking with the fact that he wasn't a fan of crawling on the sand...until the end of the week when he realized how fun it was to eat and play in . It rained a lot which was unfortunate, but we got some bouts of sunshine to enjoy. But that's ok I guess, Texas has lots of sun to enjoy ;) Plus my parents came back with us to Texas for a week after that and enjoyed our 110 degree sunshine.

Friday, February 24, 2012


He makes my heart Happy....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Hike, or um, walk.

No, Lincoln's not walking ;) But back at the end of November when the weather was still exceptionally warm for that time of year, we went on a little family Hike. I say "hike" lightly of course. This isn't Utah, but there was a trail, and gradual for what we have to work with, we'll call it hiking.
It's so fun to have our own little family to do things with now...granted, it's only been 4 months, but it has been a great few months! He was so good the whole time. We only went about 4 miles, and considering he was barely over 2 months old, he was alert and looking around for most of the time, before he conked out, which was after he exploded his diaper. I guess nature brings that out in the best of us ;) Needless to say, that outfit was done for.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

....Christmas!! I sure do love Christmas, this little guy, Morgan, Dave's Photo skills, and my Family, to name a few. So Naturally this was a great Christmas indeed! I got all of those things and more this year :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

All Hallow's Eve

For Halloween Lincoln was a short necked little giraffe. ;) He sure made a cute one. I don't know why, but I totally love giraffes! His car seat, stroller, bedding, and room decor are all giraffe related. So when we went to Utah and Natalie Weeks said she had a giraffe costume, it was perfect!
I realized once we got home he had a little monkey pajama outfit I put him in that during the day, and his giraffe costume for the treats and tricks. I had a doctors appointment he went with me to as a monkey, and then we went to visit my work....he got to see all of them dressed up, and got to show off his cute costumes.

First time in his costume, he loved it! ;P
We went trick-or-treating at the outlets with his cousins and their friends. Turns out, he slept thru the whole thing! I guess his costume was a little too warm and cozy it zonked him right out. So other than the fact I carried him around the outlets in his car seat, it was easy peasy with him. If only I would have brought his stroller! He normally hates his car seat that I figured I didnt need to worry about bringing one, and that I would end up just carrying him. Well I guess I
m that much stronger for lugging him around....Luckily he has good aunts that helped carry him too :)
Erin and her best little friend loved the little giraffe. :)

Me and the Link man
Life is rough ;)
He was pooped! All that sleeping must have worn him right out!

Andi from work and the little monkey....

This giant pumpkin was at my mom's school, so when we went to visit her, he wanted to play on it. I told him it said no climbing on the pumpkin, but he insisted ;)
It was so fun to be in Morgan for a few days.... Unfortunately I left just short of Nate and Kristy's big spook alley they do for Halloween. But at least I could get a sneak peek of the kids in their costumes.
Grandpa Gorilla (his costume for the spook alley) and Spee power-ranger-Gorilla.
Spee, Christian, and Lincoln
I sure do have some great nephews! is the cute little monkey--

Don't tell him, But I think I can see right to his bones!